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Enzymes are used for many environmentally Eco-friendly industrial purposes, as they are efficient, selective, accelerate, and speed up reactions by forming transition state complexes with their substrate which reduces the activation energy of the reaction. The advancement in biotechnology, especially in the rea of genetics and protein engineering, has opened a new area of enzyme application in many industrial processes and experiencing major r & D initiatives, resulting not only in the development of a number of new products but improvement in the process and performance of several existing processes also.

Enzymes are useful in various areas of applications like manufacturing of food and feedstuff, cosmetics, medicinal products, and as tools for research and development.

Technical enzymes are applied in detergents, for pulp and paper applications, in textile manufacturing, leather industry, fuel production, and for the production of pharmaceuticals and various substances in the chemical industry. Enzymes are also used in chemical analysis and a research tool in life science.


PacZyme provides a wide range of industrial enzymes to cater to various industrial needs a biological basis. With state of art research and production facility and innovative R&D, PacZyme is engaged in the production of unique performance enzymes used in different industries as-


Detergent and laundry Enzymes

Textile Enzymes

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