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FB Speed Compost-Bact and FB Speed compost-Fung is a combination of liquid biological compost accelerator bacteria and fungus respectively. It is produced by specially developed advance Patented technology at Pramukh Agri Clinic’s sophisticated lab. Advance production technology makes it unique product than others.

It contains high concentration of highly viable cells of bacteria and spores of fungus, which is in dormant stage and proliferate quickly after being applied in compost heap.

Material to be compost

Any agricultural waste, Agro industries waste and by-products, Animal waste and any material derived from biological form.

Why composting is needed?

Farmers are generally applying raw organic materials like FYM directly to the soil which is not the best way for effective recycling of nutrients since it contains substance like cellulose, starch and lignin , wax etc. which are resistant to microbial degradation. The natural process always takes much time for producing quality compost. The decaying organic matter may also tie up the nutrients by immobilization process and make them unavailable for plant growth. So to take full advantage of FYM it should always be well compost.

Method for use

Add 100 ml content of FB Speed compost-Bact in combination with 100 ml content of Fungbact Speed compost-Fung bottle in to 100 to 150 lit of water. Mix this material (for maximum advantage we can add 500 ml Ecogent-DR or 250 gm Microfood in above mixture). Add prepared mixture on heap of 10 to 12 ton material (By spraying layer by layer or by making hole and add in them etc.). Give water in and on heap to maintain moisture level up to 60 % during entire composting process. Rotate heap by manual or via machine three to four time during composting process. Compost will be ready with in 40 to 45 days if all condition met according to standard procedure required for composting.

Factor effecting composting process

Particle Size
It is of practically use full that large surface area available for composting so to enhance composting process the bigger organic waste particle can be chopped into small pieces.


Aeration / Turning
AS microbes involve in composting are aerobic, it is prime necessary that we have to supply a fresh air in compost heap. Composting piles may be turned either manually or by mechanically with compost turner machine. Turning may be repeated 3-4 times during composting.


Moisture Requirement
Microbes during back down of higher molecule to smaller molecule require plenty of water so we have to continuously moisten the heap during entire composting heap. Sprinkle water at 5 days interval during early stage to ensure at least 60 % moisture level.


During entire composting process we have to check the temp development inside the heap. Initially temperature rises speedily than it remain stable. At this stage we have to give moisture and turn the heap immediately after this temp rises again. Once compost matures, temperature remains stable even by giving moisture and turning heap.

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