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PAC Bio Fungbact is one of India’s prominent and trusted manufacturers and exporters of organic agricultural inputs having catered to customers around the globe. Looking around our website, you’ll see that our expertise covers many interesting products for related agricultural needs.

Research and development is our company’s forte, and we build on that to create, develop and support a wide range of products. These extensive capabilities benefit our customers in numerous ways. We focus on our customers’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations. In an increasingly complex world, we take pride to connect with each and every member of the agricultural community and we recognize that the only lasting competitive advantage is higher and higher quality at an affordable cost. Therefore we are continuously focusing on the details that make for better quality and for improved agricultural inputs. We as a company foresee the process of farming free from Harmful Chemicals and pesticides.



PAC Bio Fungbact was established by our Chairman Shri Babubhai C. Patel and lead by our visionary Managing Director Shri Devendrabhai B. Patel by keeping in mind, the motto of serving quality and result-oriented product in the vast field of agriculture.


With strong willingness, impressive and solid infrastructure, efficient R & D, and create strong marketing force, we are at present able to serve a huge range of biological and chemical products includes bio-insecticide, bio-fungicide, bio-nematicide, bio-fertilizer, organic fertilizer, soil conditioner, trace element blends, secondary elements, water-soluble fertilizer, various plant growth promoters, and some of our future line of work include development of botanical pesticide.

The core values shaping PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd. and its approach to the agricultural sector are:

Our Mission

To enable farmers to increase yield, crop quality, and soil fertility, while improving their profits and sustainability.

Our Vision

To improve agricultural productivity and sustainability on a global scale

Our values:

PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd. is:

* Open * Respectful * Committed

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