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Fungbact VAM

Fungbact VAM is an unique mixture of Mycorrhiza (Ecto and Endo) blended with quantity of natural elements for soil microbes.

Composition of Fungbact VAM :

Mycorrhizal inoculam 30 % (W/W)
Natural Elemental Micro Food 70 % (W/W)

Specification of Fungbact VAM as per FCO:

  1. Formulation Base - Powder form.

  2. Total Mycorrhizal viable propagules (Ecto and Endo)- 100 / gm (Min).

  3. Infectivity potential : 80 infection points in test roots/gm of mycorrhizal inoculum used.

  4. pH- 6.0 to 7.5.

  5. Moisture Content - 8 to 12 % (Max).

Crops Recommended

All field crops, vegetables, fruits, spices, sugarcane, turf, ornamentals, forest and plantation crops.

Application :-

- For soil application only.
- Can applied as seed treatment, mix with organic manures Or Aapply directly by     drenching near root zone area.
- Should be applied in early crop stages.

   Doses : 100 gm / acre


  1. Better root establishment and development

  2. Improve stress tolerances

  3. Increase nutrient up take and its mobilization

  4. Increase water absorption

  5. High yield and better quality of crop


Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we can't assume any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product.

Fungbact VAM
Fungbact VAM
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