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Fungbact K

Plenty of Potash is already available in soil from so many decades, and we are also adding it in the form of various fertilizer year after year, Potash is immobile so plant can not take full advantage of it...

Fungbact Potash is a unique liquid based formulation prepared by specially developed patented technology. Fungbact Potash contains various microbes useful for potash solubilization/ mobilization.

Low-Dose Microbial Patented Technology

New Fungbact Potash is prepared with specially developed patented technology. With this technology it is feasible to provide huge quantity of microbes in small packing (volume) size, as well as microbes are keep in their natural form without making violent stress on them. By this new technology it is possible to apply more and more viable microbes up to field which ultimately lead to increase in production of a crop.

Product Information:

Microbes present in Fungbact Potash

Frateuria aurentia

Fungbact K
Fungbact K
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