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Growth is Life

Our Product

We are manufacturing a range of Biobased as well as Chemical-based products for Agricultural and industrial use.

Kit Concept


The kit concept is a combined application of consortium having agricultural...

Industrial Enzymes

Enzymes are used for many environmental-ecofriendly industrial purposes, as they are efficient, selective, accelerate, and speed up reactions by forming transition state complexes with their substrate which reduces the activation energy of the reaction.


Welcome to Pac Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd.

PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd. is a green technology company committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture. We are a leading manufacturer of biological products for different segments like agricultural, Industrial Enzymes, and Aquaculture, located in Gujarat, India.

The company was established in 2007. After a successful development in processing technology and products, the firm has moved to Asia’s biggest high-tech biocontrol laboratory.

PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd. has more than 300 employees and has grown to include activities in many states in India and abroad and has a strong management team led by its chairman. We are committed to sustainable research and development to maintain a key position in a constantly changing market in 21st century.

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