Tatva Bio-Power

Tatva Bio-Power is a decompose material prepared from selective agricultural row material by advance decomposting technology and then enrich with useful microbes and humic as well as seaweed extract substances.

Advance production technology

We prepared Tatva Bio-Power by using advance technology which includes…

  1. Right type of row material selection
  2. Continually measured moisture level during whole composting process by moisture meter as well as moisture analyzer machine
  3. Continually measure temp change during whole composting process
  4. Frequent and need based turning of composting pile(heap) with mechanize compost turner machine
  5. Maintain cleanliness as well as hygiene to avoid mixing of weed material or any garbage etc. with finish compost material.
  6. Screening through suitable SS screen
  7. Enrich with our own produce patented microbes in full quantity to reach microbial count 1.68 X 1011 above per bag at the time of packing.
  8. Enrich with good quality humic as well as sea weed extract.