Ecogent is manufactured by using advance multi stage fermentation technology, its unique formula combine specific growth promoting organic extract, protein and protein hydrolyzates, amino acids with biologically active macro and micro-nutrient

Why Ecogent?

Soil is to be considered as a backbone for any crop as it provides direct support to stand the crop as well as most of the food material plant take from soil. Plant takes food via root from soil, it is a simple matter but scientifically it is a very complex thing. So many agencies like microbes, insects, chemical and non chemical factor play their role for running out these activity smoothly. All these activity perform in rhizosphere of plant.

What is Rhizosphere?

Rhizosphere is that part of soil surrounding to root. Every activity in soil rhizosphere like food dissolving in soil solution and its absorption, nitrogen fixation, change in pH, phosphorus solubilization, potash mobilization, development of beneficial as well as harm full microbial colony directly or indirectly effect plant root and ultimately to whole plant.

Now rhizosphere is of such important it is our prime duty to take care of it, and if we do such we can able to make all activity of soil rhizosphere in the benefit of crop. To keeping this in my Pramukh Agri Clinic develop product “Ecogent” which make rhizosphere healthier so we can get more productive crop.